Building sustainable relationships by offering more value to our customers welcome to Intercon Impex the leader in consumer-centric products and services which commenced operations in 1992. Since inception, we have taken rapid strides, primarily engaging ourselves in transforming natures creations into immortal artefacts for the most discerning buyer worldwide.

We take pride in catering to a diverse international market with an innovative product portfolio to meet the unique requirements of our various territories. Intercon Impex has an enviable overseas market presence that is a direct result of collaborating with our key partners, stakeholders and distributors. We enjoy a rich heritage in the manufacturing and recycling of floral products; our dynamism and strict quality control has enabled us to foresee challenges and transform them into profitable opportunities.

We continue to be a major exporter of dried flowers, terracotta products and jute bags, with an ever increasing clientele-base. Dried flowers have been one of the major growth drivers at Intercon Impex, stemming from a symbiotic mix of our creative legacy and state-of-the-art waste and floral recycling unit. As with any successful company, we have adapted our processes and deliverables in-tune with international demand, trends and evolving sensibilities. We are meticulous about attending to every detail, serving our client-base with utmost zeal and going that extra mile to ensure their complete satisfaction. Our offerings carry the seal of quality and reliability that is expected from a global organization. Intercon Impex is ambitiously pacing ahead as the preferred business partner worldwide, building long-term and economically viable business relationships with our associates.