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Dried Flowers: A Brilliance Preserved By Intercon Impex

Intercon Impex Pvt. Ltd. is one of the major exporters of dried flowers. We are catering a diverse market with passion. Our zeal and enthusiasm has earned us an increasing clientele base. We have satisfied international clients. Our products, product detailing and services are in tune with international standard.

Our initiative

We believe that nature’s imperialism and brilliance can be preserved to create an everlasting display. We take utmost care to preserve flowers and plant parts. Dried flowers preserved well, showcases glory of nature. Our initiative is to bring cheers and spark creativity through our range of dried flowers and dried plant products.

Dried flowers product range

Parts of plants

We have a wide range of dried flowers in bulk and dried plant parts products including coco bunch, ata fruit, angel wings, amra pod, coco flowers, hibiscus pod white, luffa cut, adorney, blue pine, cedar base, step fruit, palm tender, strobes, talami, cheer flower, jack fruit, moti bunch, Sola coral bunch or sola flowers, Lily etc.

We have a wide range of products in our product categories that include-botanicals and potpourri, palm crafts, glitter products, exotic cones , leaves and foliage, cords and ribbons, decorative stones, balls and orbs, exotic hearts, bouquets and arrangement, sea shells, sola crafts, Handmade flowers and craft, exotic bunches, wreaths and rings, fillers and grasses, lata and wine, long stems, posy, accent balls, cane made articles, potpourri mix and accessories.

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